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Heloise Kawaishi

Lawyer - External Collaborator

We are proud to entrust cases involving French law to our partner, Digital Droit, led by the esteemed attorney, Ms. Héloïse Kawaishi. Ms. Kawaishi is a passionate legal professional with nearly ten years of experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and facing various legal issues. She specializes in family and inheritance law in France, bringing her extensive expertise to each case she handles.

Ms. Kawaishi's professional experience in London as a Registered European Lawyer has provided her with invaluable knowledge in private international family law and exposure to Anglo-Saxon law, which she brings to her practice in France. Additionally, Ms. Kawaishi has completed mediation training, enabling her to better understand the complex human aspects of legal disputes, enriching her practice and improving her ability to understand her clients' needs.

Overall, Ms. Kawaishi's exceptional legal expertise and dedication to her clients make her an invaluable asset to Digital Droit and a trusted partner in matters involving French law.

Heloise Kawaishi
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