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Louise Poliquin

Lawyer - External Collaborator

Ms. Louise Poliquin holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the prestigious University of Sherbrooke, which she earned in 1992. She then completed her training at the Quebec Bar School in 1993 and has been practicing in private practice ever since. In her practice, she provides legal opinions, drafts various contracts and procedures, negotiates on behalf of her clients, and represents them before the courts.

Ms.Poliquin is committed to helping her clients resolve conflicts through non-judicial means, and has been offering family mediation services since 2012. With a professional, empathetic and attentive approach, she can offer valuable advice on your rights and obligations and guide you towards practical solutions and resources across various areas of law.

She offers her services fluently in both French and English, making her a valuable asset to clients with diverse needs and backgrounds.

Louise Poliquin
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