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Marie-Josée Talbot

Lawyer - Co-Founder

Mrs. Talbot has been practicing law for nearly 30 years, with a focus on family law and real estate law. Holding a notarial law degree and an MBA, she possesses a unique ability to read financial statements and handle cases with significant financial implications.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Talbot has been actively involved in various committees of the Quebec Bar Association, including the Disciplinary, Requests, Access to the Profession, Arbitration for Lawyer Bills, Professional Inspection, and Administrative Committees. Additionally, she has authored legal information capsules for Éducaloi, a non-profit organization that aims to improve access to justice for the general public.

Mrs. Talbot's interest in construction law arose from personal experience, after discovering dry rot in her own home. Since 2018, she has specialized in hidden defects and completed a Master's course in construction law. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Merule Pleureuse Quebec Association, demonstrating her dedication to the community.

Mrs. Talbot's approachable demeanor and straightforward communication style enable her to demystify legal jargon and explain disputes clearly to her clients. She handles each case with great attention to detail, treating them as if they were her own, and ensuring that her clients are fully informed of their legal standing throughout the process. With her extensive experience, Mrs. Talbot has become an expert in resolving conflicts and reassuring her clients.

Simplicity and efficiency are Mrs. Talbot's guiding principles, and her clients appreciate her ability to provide practical and effective solutions to their legal issues.

Marie-Josée Talbot
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